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DIY Easy Paper White Quilling flower card

Hello, Friends!!! Welcome to my blog. In this post, I will show you step by step instructions on how to make this beautiful and easy Quilling flower card. Beginners can follow these few simple steps and create a beautiful card or wall frame. You can also check other tutorials of creating Pink paper quilling card which is simple and easy to create.

Materials Required for creating Quilling flowers:

  • Quilling Strips
  • Card stock
  • Slotted tool
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Curved Tweezers
  • Quilling mini mold

Step 1:Take 3mm white quilling strip of 51 inches long length (I have glued 3 strips of 17 inches each). Roll the strip with the slotted tool and take the coil count from the tool without applying glue to it. Hold the coil and allow it to unroll a little and now apply the glue to the end of the coil and secure it. Hold the coil with both hands and pinch it from one side to create drop shape. Now push the coil little from inside to create a slight dome like shape. Thus our first petal is ready. Create more 4 such petals (we need total 5 petals for creating one flower).

Step 2:

Take 3mm Green, Yellow and Orange quilling strip of each 17 inches long and glue in respective order. Roll the strip and create the tight coil. Now take the mini mold and place the coil over the 3rd smallest dome and create small coil dome by pushing it downwards equally. Apply glue on inner part of a dome and leave it for drying.

Step 3:

First glue all the petals together and place the dome in the center of petals, thus our first flower is ready. Create 3 more such flowers.

Step 4:

Take 3mm blue quilling strip of 17 inches long and crate small teardrop shape as created earlier. Create total 4 such blue drop shapes. Now cut the small circle of any color and Apply glue on it. Place the drop shape one by one over the circle to form the small blue flower. Create more 9 such small flowers.

Step 5:

Take 3mm yellow quilling strip of 8 inches long and create tight coil by rolling it with a slotted tool. Pinch the coil from one end to create drop shape. Glue 5 drops to create the flower. Create total 6 such flowers.

 Step 6:

Take 3mm blue strip of 4 inches long and create few small tight coils.

Step 7:

Take 3mm green strip of 17 inches long and create the loose coil. hold the coil with both hands and pinch and bend the point to create above shape. Thus our first leaf is ready. Create few more such leaves.

Step 8:

Take white card paper of 8 inches of height and 5.5 inches in width. Glue 3mm of the orange strip as shown above.

Step 9:

Stick all the elements on cards.

The final look of the card.

Quilling flower


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