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How to make Handmade greeting card

Hello Friends! If you are looking for handmade card ideas then you are at right place, now you can make valentine card to make with a hidden message inside. In this post, you will find How to make Handmade easy Valentine Special Greeting Card. You can create this beautiful handmade Valentine card for your love on any special days like Valentine’s day, Propose day, Anniversary, etc. and gift them personalized valentine card for him / her or valentine day card for husband / wife.

The materials required for making your own valentine card are:

  • Card paper
  • Different Colour stock paper or any thick paper
  • Flower and Leaves Punches
  • Diamond and Pearl Stickers
  • White and Red Pen
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step 1:

we are using white cardstock of 6 by 8 inches. Take a Black paper and cut the pocket-like shape of 10 by 10 cms. Stick this on the card by applying glue on side and bottom of pocket leaving upper side and center, creating pouch (Pocket).

Step 2:

Draw stitch like small dashes on pocket using white pen.

Step 3:

As we are making valentine day card, write LOVE on white cardpaper and cut as shown in above image.

Step 4:

Take red paper and fold it in between and cut heart shape but dont cut it from left side (It should be like heart card). Also cut small heart shaped to glue inside of red heart.

Step 5:

Stick Letters in the Pocket and also small hearts.

Step 6 :

Punch few flowers and leaves and start sticking it on card.

Step 7:

Decorate heart by sticking diamonds or pearls on it. If you are thinking what to say in a valentine day card, then here are few options like “Be My Valentine”, “I Love You”, “I Miss You”, “peekaboo ” i had written “Open Me” and write your message inside the Heart card.

, “I Love You” , “I Miss You”, “” i had written “Open Me” and write your message inside the Heart card.

Step 8:

I am sticking few more flowers on the bottom of the card.

Final look of valentine day card.

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