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Quilling Lavender Flower Card

How to make Quilling Lavender Flower Card

Lavender is an elegant flower and also known for its calming properties. Lavender is the spike-like flower which contains multiple small purple petals on the long narrow stem. DIY this Lavender Flower card for your love ones who is not well or under stress and their stress will melt away.


  • Off white or Cream card stock (or any color of your choice)
  • Purple and green Quilling Strips of 3mm
  • Small Purple flower
  • Glue
  • Circle board
  • Slotted tool
  • Toothpick
  • Curved Tweezer
  • Half pearl beads

Step 1

001 002

003 004

The first coil is the largest coil, take the quilling strip of the desired size depends on the size of the coil you want. I am using 3mm Purple quilling strip of 17 inches long and roll it with a slotted tool. Take the coil out of the tool and leave it in 14th circle of the circle board to unroll. Once it unrolled carefully remove the coil from the board and glue the edge of the coil to secure it.


Step 2


For the second coil take 13 inches long strip and also the 13th circle of the board. The third coil is made from 10 inches long strip and 12th circle. The fourth coil is made from 8 inches long strip and 11th circle, the Fifth coil is made from 6 inches long strip and 10th circle and smallest coil ie sixth coil is made from 5 inches long strip and the 9th circle of the board. We need to create a pair of coils from 1 to 5, the 6th coil which is smallest would be single.


Step 3

006 007

Hold the coil and pinch it from both the side to create Marquise shape. Repeat this with all coils.

Step 4

008 009

Take 3mm Green strip of 10 inches long and fold the strip, apply the glue on one-half of the strip and stick another half on it. This will make the strip thick.


Step 5

Lavender Flower Card 011

Apply glue on the petal and stick it with the green stem. Start from large petals to small in the upward direction.


Step 6

012 013

Cut the excess stem with scissors.


Step 7


Stick the smallest single petal on the top of the shape and you are done with a first lavender flower. Create two more flowers.


Step 8


After creating 3 flowers, let’s stick all the flowers on the card. For this take card which you can decorate by sticking same color strip as I have done. Glue small flower shape on the corners of the strips and also stick half pearl on it. Apply glue on the lavender flower and stick it on the card.


Step 9

019 020

Take 2 inches long green strip and shape it with the tweezer to create a slight curve. Stick it at the bottom of the flowers.


Step 10

Lavender Flower Card

At the end create some flowers by repeating the 3rd step and glue it beside the stem of the flowers.


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