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How to make Origami Rabbit

How to make Origami Rabbit

This Cute Origami rabbit is made of single piece of square paper, there is no cutting required for creating this model. It is bit tricky but once you master it you can create lots of bunnies of different sizes.

Step 1:
Origami Rabbit - 01Take the square of 8 by 8 inches.

Step 2:

Origami Rabbit - 02

Start by folding the paper in half horizontally.

Step 3:

Origami Rabbit - 03

Unfold the paper and now fold the bottom half portion to the center line.

Step 4:

Origami Rabbit - 04

Follow by folding the upper part to center line

Step 5:

Origami Rabbit - 05

Fold all the four corner to meet center line.

Step 6:

Origami Rabbit - 06

Now your paper will look like this.

Step 7:

Origami Rabbit - 07

Unfold the corners.

Step 8:

Origami Rabbit - 08

Open the folded corner and create triangle.

Step 9:

Origami Rabbit - 09

Create the triangles of four corners.

Step 10:

Origami Rabbit - 10

Origami Rabbit - 11

Fli the paper and hold it vertically. Now fold the top tip of the paper to center point as shown in above image. Repeat the same with bottom tip.

Step 11:

Origami Rabbit - 12

Flip the paper and fold it in half. Crease well

Step 12:

Origami Rabbit - 13

Unfold the paper.

Step 13:

Origami Rabbit - 14

Origami Rabbit - 14-02

Fold the paper on the dotted line.

Step 14:

Origami Rabbit - 15

Flip the paper.

Step 15:

Origami Rabbit - 16

Origami Rabbit - 17

Hold the narrow portion pointing upwards and fold the upper portion to backward and crease well.

Step 16:Origami Rabbit - 18

Fold the paper horizontally in half.

Step 17:

Origami Rabbit - 20

Hold both the tip of the triangles and pull it in an upward direction, crease the fold well. This will be the head of the rabbit.

Step 18:

Origami Rabbit - 21

Fold the tip of nose to backward.

Step 19:

Origami Rabbit - 22

Unfold the nose and push the fold inside the paper model.

Step 20:

Origami Rabbit - 23

The model would look like this.

Step 21:

Origami Rabbit - 24

Origami Rabbit - 25

Fold the dotted line of the model to the backside.

Step 22:

Origami Rabbit - 26

Unfold the paper.

Step 23:

Origami Rabbit - 27

Open the paper and pinch the creases on the paper and fold the paper inside.

Step 24:Origami Rabbit - 28So model would look like this.

Step 25:Origami Rabbit - 29

Fold the paper on dotted line.

Step 26:Origami Rabbit - 30

Origami Rabbit - 31

Fold the edges inside.

Step 27:Origami Rabbit - 32

At the end Put the fingers into the ear fold and puff it.

Origami Rabbit Origami Rabbit is ready…..


Side view of the Origami RabbitOrigami Rabbit Side


Back view of the Origami Rabbit

Origami Rabbit Back


Front view of the Origami Rabbit

Origami Rabbit Front


Top view of the Origami Rabbit Origami Rabbit Top




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