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How to make woolen pom pom toran

Diwali festival is around the corner and its time for preparations like decorating home with beautiful and vibrant colors. Door hanging is one of the important part when it comes to decorate our house for festival or wedding, also in India small yellow and orange flowers are used to create beautiful door hanging which is also called as Toran or Banderwar. In this post you will find how to create small flowers or pom pom to replace original flowers so that they last long. Below find step by step detail instruction on How to make Woolen pom pom Toran. Follow these easy steps to create beautiful hanging toran. This Indian door hanging toran is fun and easy to make and are best for any festival, Pooja or ceremony.

Materials required for making woolen toran:

  • Golden, Red and Green beads
  • Golden bells
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Woolen Yarn
  • Kalash
  • Keychain Rings
  • Kalash
  • Card paper of 2 inches long
  • Scissors

How to make woolen pom pom toran

Step 1:
Woolen pom pom Toran - craftylity

Take card paper which is 2 inches in height and start wrapping the yarn of desire color around card paper as shown. Continue wrapping it around card paper till 70 rounds.
You can increase or decrease the size of flower by changing the height of card paper which you use for wrapping.
Also you can change the thickness or density of flower by changing number of wrapping (as i am using 2 inches of card paper so i wrapped the yarn 70 times).

Step 2:

After completing the 70th wrap cut yarn and carefully take the loops out from card paper. Now take the same color yarn and tie a knot in the center of loop as shown in pic.

Step 3:

Tie the loops tightly, cut the loops with scissors as shown in above image. 

Step 4:

Cut extra yarn (if any) to form circle shape. Our First Pom Pom is ready.

Step 5:

Create many more such pom pom of white, yellow, orange and green color.

Creating foundation layer of toran

Step 6:

Now take double thread and attach key chain ring with it. Start inserting green bead followed by red and again green bead. Now insert first white pom pom followed by other pom pom according the color shown in above image. At the end again insert 3 beads and attach key chain ring with thread.

Step 7:

Take needle and thread and tie thick knot at the end of thread so that it would not come out from pom pom easily. to create loop of toran, insert the needle from up to down direction through 2nd pom pom. Insert 3 beads ie Golden, red and golden beads then one yellow pom pom followed by 3 beads again. Thus it will be like 3 beads then pom pom again 3 beads and pom pom. At the end take the needle through 6th pom pom and secure the thread and cut excess thread. Thus first loop of toran is complete  Create Second loop on other half of toran which will start from 10th pom pom and will end with 14th pom pom.

Creating side hanging of toran

Step 8:

Now again take needle and thread with thick knot at the end and in the needle through 1st pom pom. Insert beads and green pom pom followed by beads and bell. After inserting the bell come upwards by inserting needle in reverse order. Stop above 5th bead and again insert beads, pom pom and bell as done earlier. Create total 3 hangings connected to on single hanging. Create one more 3 hangings connected with single haging on other end or toran.

In the center of toran create 4 hangings connected with single hanging as shown in above image.

Now its time to create center kalash hanging. For this first insert few beads and then kalash. Create second kalash hanging in other loop of toran.

Thus our toran is ready.

Don’t forget to watch the video on you tube and to leave comment below.
Also please be careful while using sharp objects like scissors, needle etc.

Happy Crafting!!!

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